There are many ways to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to Birtle Centre for the Arts.  Whether you would like to be a casual helper or take on some responsibilities, there is a role for anyone who would like to give a little time towards a good cause.  Please review the volunteer opportunities and then we welcome you to fill in for Volunteer Form.

Some of the areas where volunteers can help include: 

  1.  Being part of a committee.  This does not require you to be on the board or even on the committee but maybe to you would like to help with some specific projects or areas of interest under one of these committees:
    • Fundraising and Events Committees: for Gallery in the Garden and Garden Tours,  Spring Plant Sale, Country Markets, Product Sales, other special events
    • Marketing, Promotion and Admin Committee:  This could be anything from delivering posters to put up, updating the gift shop on facebook, gift shop or window displays, helping with sales or promotion of products or events online or by other means. 
    • Program Committee:  There is a need for people to help plan and/or arrange classes, to source instructors, assist with classes, come up with projects for after school youth classes and test them to see if they work and are age appropriate, etc. 
    • Maintenance Committee:  Everything inside and out is done by volunteers.  Some duties are sorting craft supplies, lawn mowing, shovelling snow, cleaning, dusting, garbage and recycling delivery to the waste disposal site, etc. 
    •  Grants Committee:  We are always on the lookout for funding opportunities.  Anyone is welcome to assist to source grants or to help to prepare applications when there is an opportunity.   When there is an opportunity for funding it is often a very short window to apply and often some research is needed.  Help is always appreciated.  
  2. Board of Directors: All members of the BCA Board of Directors are expected to serve on a minimum of one committee in addition to their general board involvement.  What areas of BCA Board Committee work are of particular interest to you?    For example, fundraising, promotion, policy development, programming, governance.  In our experience, Board of Directors spend a minimum of ___ hours per month on BCA work.  Depending on your level of involvement, this time might increase.  Are you available to make this commitment? 
  3. Instructor:  If you have a discipline or skill you would like to teach or share, please provide some details and a short bio.

If there is any area where you would like to help out, please feel free to call any of our board members or email us at info@birtlearts.ca to let us know or to discuss or ask any questions you might have.  

Volunteer form: If you know what you would like to do, we invite you to download and complete the Volunteer Form.  It can be dropped off with any board member, mailed or emailed.  

We look forward to hearing from YOU!