Monika Kinner


I am a fibre artist specializing in landscape embroidery. My creations are heavily influenced by my passion for the landscape, sourced from my own photographs of the Canadian Prairie. Masterfully combining the techniques of freemotion machine and freestyle handwork, I have explored the intricacies of prairie flora with needle and thread since 2009, and soft pastel since 2017. I enjoy the challenge that each new piece brings, from creating the perfect colour on cloth to building the sculptural qualities of grasses and blooms.

Raised in rural Saskatchewan by a landscape artist, my mother deeply influenced my ability to love, see, and recreate the prairies. I have worked in ink, charcoal, and soft pastels since childhood. At the age of 40, I discovered fibre as an art medium for the first time. Since then, I have engaged in self-study at my home studio from books & videos by UK stitch artists Jan Beaney and Julia Caprara among others. I partake in local artist-run workshops of interest. Local Canadian stitch artists Margot Lindsay, Elizabeth Babyn, & the late Heather Lair have provided invaluable mentorship for me.

As I have expanded my work to include Soft Pastel and Oil Pastel paintings of the same prairie inspired sources, I am now enjoying the knowledge and skill base shared by the members of the visual artists of the Artists Workshop. Established 30 years ago in Saskatoon, they are an incredible weekly resource for me as an artist to broaden and sharpen my abilities.