Gift Shop

Unique works by area artists

Birtle Centre for the Arts has a wonderful gift shop filled with handcrafted items consigned by local artisans. 


Open Tuesday to Thursday:  noon to 4pm

It may also be open random additional hours if volunteers are on site.  Just watch for the OPEN sign out front.  


To view the items in the gift shop online, you can click on the small blue “f” in the top right corner on the gift shop picture below.  You can also find these items on our Birtle Centre for the Arts facebook page.  Go to photos, click on albums and then select the Gift Shop album.  There are many items pictured so it takes a minute for them to continue to load.  Prices are shown on the item in the photo or in the photo description.  

Payment can be made by etransfer or with cash or cheque at pick up.

Plant Supports

Your largest peonies will not bend these sturdy hot rolled steel plant supports!  

These very sturdy supports are designed and manufactured locally.  Net proceeds will support programs and operations at Birtle Centre for the Arts.  The Classic Plant Support comes in three sizes as shown.  The Veggie Supports have a limited supply and also come in three sizes.  

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