Registration Info

Event organizers are disappointed to share the news that 2021 Gallery in the Garden will have to be cancelled.  Because the gardens are on private property, restrictions limited us to only ten people per garden.  With our hosts and our artists, this does not allow us enough room for event participants.   

We hope you will choose to join us for this very special event in July of 2022.  

We invite you to check in next spring for 2022 Gallery in the Garden dates on our events and fundraisers page. 


Thanks to the gardeners who agreed to share their garden and yard for our event and the work done in anticipation of it. We hope to view these landscapes in 2022.  While we cannot visit these gardenn please enjoy this online look at Val’s Garden – This 5 acre masterpiece is the vision of Val Thomson.  It has been featured in numerous publications and is always a highlight. 

See more photos of gardens and past events on a facebook album  here


While there is no Gallery in the Garden, we do invite you to view the first ever art exhibit held at Birtle Centre for the Arts.  It will be open in July.  See the poster at the bottom of this page.

We thank the many artists who were so willing to share their work at our Gallery event and hope to see their work in person in July 2022.  

Fortunately many of our participating artists do have an online presence.  Treat yourself to a view of some Manitoba talent on these links:

Lucinda Doran, glass artist with Birtle roots, will share her Canadian Gothic series that uses medieval stained glass painting techniques and images of a free and happy childhood in the prairies.  

Heather Martens Rempel  taught printmaking at BCA in 2020 and we are excited she has agreed to return to share her print and collage creations.   

Riel Benn, celebrated artist from Birdtail Sioux Reserve, will take part in Gallery in the Garden for the sixth time showing his distinctive acrylic canvases. 

Mary Lowe creates clay sculptures and is a water colour artist from Harding, Mb

Dar Strong of Darsart from Rocanville, Sk is an acrylic and multimedia artist. 

Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba – The TFAM River Exhibit will have approximately 35 fibre art pieces on display at the registration site in Birtle Centre for the Arts.