You can help to create opportunities!

Birtle Centre for the Arts has changed our town.  It offers a community centre of intergenerational creativity, serving Birtle and the surrounding area.  People of all ages come together at BCA to acquire skills, explore creativity and experience fellowship. How did it happen?  With the support of our community working together. Volunteers, businesses, organizations and individuals contributed. Together, we made the dream of a thriving art centre a reality.

Your gift will help make it possible for The Birtle Centre for the Arts to continue. Your financial contribution will enable us to provide a greater range of programming and continue to offer a safe healthy space for our youth.

Your  gift will make a difference.  The Birtle Centre for the Arts has no government operating grants.  In other words,  BCA cannot happen without community support.  People just like you make it possible.  

Each and every gift is appreciated.  We have built something precious and vital here in Birtle. Let’s nurture it.

Gifting options

You can choose any way that suits your budget and liflestyle.  

  • Make a one-time gift 
  • Make a commitment for an annual gift for two or more years.  
  • Make a monthly gift 

We can accept gift in several formats.

  • Mail or drop off a cheque
  • Use etransfer to make a gift from home
  • Automated scheduled gift through your financial institution

Choose how your gift will be used

You choose whether your gift will be used for :

  • regular programming and operations
  • towards the Bursary Fund (ex. Class coupons in Christmas Hampers)

CLICK HERE for a donation form.