Deborah Tacan

Deborah Tacan is a Cree/Metis from northern Manitoba who began her healing journey in the late 1980’s when she attended a sacred lodge ceremony. The reintroduction to Indigenous culture and traditional healing ways brought her on a path of healing. Learning about medicines over the past fifteen years has been an important part of healing her body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Deborah worked in the area of mental health and substance use for about thirteen years and recently retired from that line of work. She has just finished a project where she worked as an Indigenous cultural support worker for the Brandon Friendship Centre.

She has learned many traditional skills such as making moccasins, willow baskets, dream catchers, beading, ribbon skirts and many other things using the natural materials from Mother Earth.

Ties That Bind Fibre Art Symposium presenter Deborah Tacan on Sweetgrass