Dawn Piasta

Website:  http://www.dewpointarts.com/

Dawn Piasta is an art quilter, graphic designer, pattern designer and motivational instructor from Dauphin, Manitoba. Her mother showed her how to see the world with an artists’ eye when she was very young, and she continues to pursue her passion to creatively play with fabric and paint today. Dawn’s art draws on influences of family, travel, global awareness & social issues. Dawn uses a variety of mediums to create her textile art designs. Digital and Painted Surface design, hand and machine stitching, technical piecing and improvisational design are some of the techniques reflected in her art quilts.

Dawn is actively involved in local, provincial & federal textile and quilting organizations as well as several global advocacy programs & projects. She is a life-long learner and has gained much industry-based knowledge through networking and participating in a wide range of technique based art, quilting & graphic design workshops.

Dawn has been teaching for many years and connected with renowned quilt and textile artists throughout the years to improve her skills. Some of the workshops have been with Claudia Pfeil, Gloria Loughman, Carol Breyer Fallert, Hollis Chatelain, and David Taylor among others. She has attended several online and in person classes during events such as Quilt Canada, the International Quilt Festival in Houston and scheduled events located at the Maiwa School of Textiles in Vancouver.

For Dawn, the transition from learner to teacher as was a natural evolution. She believes that sharing her love of textiles and art adds purpose and meaning to her life and that of others. Dawn offers several Creative Expression Workshops that draw on textile art influences from around the globe such as Korean Bojagi patchwork, Mexican Otomi Embroidery, Japanese Notan design and Digital Graphic Design. By providing a clear understanding of colour and related principles of design, each lecture and workshop enhances the learner’s ability to express their own unique imagination.