Dana Corr

Website:  https://www.valleyarttherapy.com/

I work with people across all age groups, currently focusing on young children and adults impacted by trauma. If you are finding that your current day functioning is being impacted by your past trauma, or you are wanting to move through difficult life events, then I may be a right fit for you in your therapeutic healing. In your work with me, you can expect to move at a pace that feels safe, without always having to put words to complicated or traumatic experiences. An integrated, holistic approach, based in nervous system survival responses (Polyvagal Theory) and the somatic experience of the body, is designed to support you in your healing and is the foundation of our work together.

While I am a self-proclaimed non-artist, I know first-hand the crucial role that art can have in therapy. Art, expressive arts, and creativity are integrated in my work to empower clients in achieving deep and powerful healing. Arts and play are used routinely in work with children. Adult clients, who can sometimes feel a little more hesitant to engage in art making, are invited to use art as they feel comfortable.

I love supporting therapists in-training and those new to the field through offering practicum placements at Valley Art Therapy, acting as a Faculty Advisor with Brandon University, and providing consultation. This maybe stems from my 25+ years in education, as a teacher, school counsellor, and principal.

When I’m not at work, I can be found at home enjoying time with my family, savouring the views on our black Angus cattle ranch, and reading books