Classic Plant Supports

We are happy to now have an expanded line of quality garden products which serve as a key fundraiser for BCA.

In addition to the popular round peony rings and plant supports in several sizes, we now have tree guards and single stem supports!  Sizes, Details and Prices are listed below.  All products are designed and manufactured in Birtle, Manitoba. 

Like garden structures found in the wonderful gardens of England, all products are made from rolled steel which will last a lifetime and quickly develop a rust patina for a natural look. 

Tree guards will protect your plants from antler, mower and whipper damage.  They are sold in sets of 4 panels but additional panels can be added to expand the size or panels can be spaced further apart to protect wider trees or shrubs.

Round plant supports are great for peonies, hydrangeas and any other plants that need a little help to stay upright.  Choose the size you need.  For example, the old fashioned peonies that grow quite tall benefit from the medium size support while the small supports are great for newer shorter varieties.  The tall varieties are great for taller non-climbing clematis, heritage tall dahlias or some thalictrum. 

These supports all but disappear in the garden when we want to plants to be the stars but also look great in winter and spring before plants reach full size.  Because of the sturdy construction, they can be easily removed and set back when doing seasonal cutting back and clean up.  All sizes stack neatly together if you want to remove them for winter storage.

Round plant supports can also serve as a sturdy and decorative stand for bowl shaped planters. 

These items are available for sale at:

–  Jensen’s Nursery and Garden Centre located at 2550 McGillivray Blvd, Oak Bluff, MB

–  The Greenspot located at 1451 Rosser Ave E, Brandon, MB

–  Birtle Centre for the Arts at 671Main Street, Birtle, MB 

If you are a retailer, contact numbers on the poster can provide wholesale terms and prices.  

Made in Birtle, MB - hot rolled steel Classic Plant supports available for sale wholesale and retail at Birtle centre for the Arts

Proceeds from sales go to supporting operations at Birtle Centre for the Arts.