Cathie Ugrin

“Thread is my pencil; fabric is my paint. The artwork created is my voice.

I make fabric art because it’s what I love to do … To create something unique and reflective of how I feel. To explore sensations of interpretation and observation through the medium of textile and thread. To expand the expected. To follow an idea along an intuitive, spontaneous and progressive path. To play with flow and movement. To use the building blocks of abstraction, texture, colour, line and space to tell a story.

To unlock the secret hidden within each scrap.”

Cathie Ugrin is a Manitoba based fabric artist whose work is characterized by a rich and inventive use of colour, and unique approach to geometrical design. In 2012, her work i know where the summer goes was accepted as part of the ‘Oh Canada’ exhibit which toured for four months across the United States. It was finally displayed at the prestigious International Quilt Festival held in Houston, TX attended by over 60,000 individuals. Since that time, her work has been accepted into numerous National Juried Shows, including the Canadian Quilters Association’s Quilt Canada, La Conner Quilt Museum’s Fiber Arts International Juried Show in Washington, SAQA’s Travelling Exhibit ‘Colour with a U’ and the Grand National Fibre Art Show ‘Crossroads’. 

Cathie has studied with numerous international fibre and quilt artists continually expanding her technique and approach while advancing her growth as an artist. Her pieces have reached a broad audience and have found homes across Canada, the United States, England, Finland, Italy, Peru and Slovenia. 

Cathie is one of the founding members as well as the Exhibit and Events Coordinator of the Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba established in the fall of 2017.  Her lecture ‘Art and Mental Health’ has been presented in various locations across Western Canada including Guelph, Calgary, Canmore, Brandon and Winnipeg.  Collaborating with other artists/artist groups and teaching complete her resume of fibre-related art activities.

Cathie’s work is uniquely custom designed and she is available to discuss projects and commissions.